How it works


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Search for properties in your desired location

Find properties convieniently located near your univestity!

Select your room or property

You can rent an entire place or just a single room - choice is yours!

Easy bookings

Book your accomodation instantly by making a payment of the first month’s rent + deposit + one-time service fee.


Step-by-step process to list your property

Almascore gives you avility to list a single room or entire place. You can also

Manage bookings

Almascore users have the ability to schedule viewings or book properties instnantly (if the Lanlord allows it). No brokers involved ensuring security of the property is maintained.

Payment Arrangements

The booking is confirmed once we receive the payment. We will then deduct our fees and transfer remaining balance to the Ladlord. All following payments will come directly from the Tenant

Long term income

Univestity degree takes 3 to 5 years to complete. Renting out to students can provide a long term income.